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Author: Andrey Piroozgar

Top Simulation Company

e-Tech Simulation was selected as one of the most promising companies in simulation by the CIO Magazine. We here at e-Tech know it is an honor to be amongst the top companies in simulation and we are always striving to improve year after year. We believe that we have been chosen due to our strong customer-focus and always verifying that our solutions are customized to our customers’ needs. Below you can view the full article published by the CIO Magazine on e-Tech Simulation and why we were chosen as one of the top simulation...

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e-Tech is positioned to help the community, donating to help those less fortunate, in our area and around the world. Every year, e-Tech donates school supplies for the less fortunate children in our area. We also provided donations for those affected by the hurricanes in Puerto Rico and...

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We also attended Latin-American support events such as NABE (National Association for Bilingual Education) & ALAS (The Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents).

We also attended latin-american support events such as NABE (National Association for Bilingual Education) & ALAS (The Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents). We were sponsored and interacted in NABE conference as we exhibited CloudLabs, our 2D & 3D Virtual Science Labs.  e-Tech was present at the ALAS event in San Diego, we participated in significant debates and shared our knowledge with the final vision aimed at the improvement of the Latino community in the U.S. education...

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We attended international events such as EXPOMIN CHILE and EXPOMINA PERU

e-Tech Simulation was present at the Exhibition and world congress for Latin American mining, in Peru and Chile. This year’s event contemplated the realization of activities that integrated a common vision on the long-term development of mining, and that from a transversal and technical perspective were addressed the main challenges that the sector faces to maintain the leadership, competitiveness, and sustainability, as key pillars in their...

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e-Tech Simulation at FETC & NSTA

FETC is the annual conference at the epicenter of technology solutions for education. There isn’t a better place than FETC to experience the most innovative technology applications for education today, From 3D printing to robotics and educational software solutions, there are many innovative technologies that are showcased at FETC . The FETC Expo Hall is the host of more than 500 suppliers each with some of the latest technologies and innovative products on the market. NSTA allows us to showcase the latest content in STEM and observe the future strategies and vision of science curricula. CloudLabs correlates with the mission of NSTA as an application that addresses current obstacles with innovative technology.  ...

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