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The AGROSIM agricultural tractor simulator is a tool for the training of operators that provides the possibility to practice the maneuvering of the machinery in a secure and risk-free manner for the operator and the real machinery.

Utilizing the simulator in training, the future operator has the possibility of taking a gradual pedagogical process that starts in the most basic introductory knowledge to the more complex task that the machine performs in reality. As well, it can also be used to perfect the operation of experienced personnel.


The AGROSIM simulator provides the necessary skills to carry out agricultural methods based on the handling of a tractor and one (1) disc harrow accessory. This simulator can be adjusted to any generic tractor cabin and adapted to be used with a frontal field of view of up to 165º and a rear view of 90º.


  • Detailed High-Level Graphics
  • Management of a virtual accessory associated with the tasks of agriculture such as, plow discs.
  • Simulation exercises with associated variable that influence agricultural activities such as: Climactic conditions, altitude and power of the tractor.
  • Reconfigurable lessons in real time during the exercise.
  • Simulation environment in different types of terrains that include rugged topography, steep slopes, flat and mountainous terrains, amongst others.
  • Recording exercises for further analysis and study.


  • Exercise for handling, coupling, plowing, uncoupling of tractor integrated in a scenario with multiple types of topography.
  • Free practice on the tractor.
  • Attachment of the implement in different levels of difficulty and position.
  • Driving tractor on a demarcated road.
  • Reverse tractor driving on a demarcated road.
  • Driving tractor with implement on a demarcated road during the day/night.
  • Driving tractor in reverse with implement on a demarcated road during the day/night.