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The Backhoe is one of the most versatile machines in the construction and road work areas. e-Tech´s Backhoe Simulator includes a hydraulic backhoe and a loader caterpillar that spins on its axis. The Backhoe includes exercise, environmental changes as well as customization of controls, it also includes the option to use a movement platform.

The Backhoe simulator allows the trainee to practice in an immersive environment in order for them to develop all the abilities needed to operate a real machine.


The simulator place the operator at control of a modern dual-use machine in a typical construction site. We simulate different kinds of situations in order to address the training needs of a wide variety of customers using different operational practices.


Training Simulation Modules

  • Controls Familiarization
  • Driving
  • Driving with obstacles
  • Cargo Movement 1
  • Cargo Movement 2
  • Ground Mark 1
  • Ground Mark 2
  • Trenching
  • Trench Filling
  • Trench Levelling
  • Digging
  • Load the truck