Simulation CloudLabs


Our Mobile Crane Simulator place the operator in control of a typical hydraulic crane of 90 tons equipped with telescoping boom and jib, with a variety of loads and hookblocks.

Typical instrument readings are also displayed including boom angle, boom length, height, radius, and quadrant of operation, along with a simulated load-moment indicator.


The initial modules are focused on helping the trainee control the movement of the hock. The next modules add obstacles and load charts, as well as zigzag trajectory following exercises. The Key Performance Indicators measure how quickly and how carefully the simulated work is performed, including execution time, maximum load sway, number of load/obstacle collisions, and number of 2-blocking occurrences.


8 Simulation Training Modules

  • Controls Familiarization
  • Hookblock Control 1
  • Hookblock Control 2
  • Pole Topping
  • Corridor Following 1
  • Corridor Following 2
  • Executing Lifts
  • Pole Placement