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Telescopic handlers (also known as telehandlers) are versatile machines that can be equipped with a wide range of accessories such as loaders, buckets, tubs, work platforms, crane hooks, etc. There are two main types: rotating and non-rotating. e-Tech´s simulator is based on non-rotating models, although it is possible to incorporate this functionality, if needed please contact e-Tech Simulation.

e-Tech´s Telehandler simulator is made up of a wheeled motorized counterweight chassis, on which a telescopic arm is assembled. This arm pivots on the chassis, and can be raised from a point below the horizontal to an angle approaching the vertical. At the end of the arm a support with two forks for handling palletized loads is assembled. The forks are automatically levelled in the longitudinal plane when changing the inclination of the arm.


Our simulators and training modules incorporate a complete instructional design that guides both the trainee and trainer, making use of the instructor´s experience to maximize the learning abilities of each trainee.


8 Modules of Increasing Difficulty

  • Maintenance and check control
  • Driving
  • Load movement
  • Load movement at different heights
  • Load stacking
  • Loads with modified wheels
  • Dangerous Manoevers
  • Free practice