The Artillery Simulator is a training system for mission planning, tactical preparation, use and operations of artillery pieces. The simulator includes the echelons required for the execution of the mission: Instructor, Advanced Personnel (Observer), Direction and Correction of Shot, Servants of Parts, and Debriefing Post. The scenarios are in geographical locations that can be geo-typical or geo-specific.

The simulator can be in a fixed-site or a mobile environment in order to facilitate training with real artillery pieces. The system sensorizes the artillery without modifying or altering the equipment and can be transferred to various places of instruction.

The Artillery Simulator allows the integration of tables for the ballistic trajectory and is configurable to various military doctrines. The simulation platform performs under international standards, including NATO symbology and protocols.




  • Develop mission planning skills with the available resources, taking into consideration the geographical conditions and difficulties of the mission.
  • Verification of the follow-up of instructions and application of contingencies before possible operational obstacles and failures.
  • Interoperability between the echelons of an artillery exercise.
  • Analysis of the effect on an exercise due to environmental conditions and external factors, defining the best tactics for the success of the mission.
  • Familiarization and repetition with the standard operating procedures of the pieces of artillery and the ammunition used in the mission.
  • Review and evaluation of the execution and fulfillment of the mission objectives.
  • Define different tactics for mission fulfillment, both in geo-typical scenarios and geo-specific scenarios, in order to refine the decision-making process.
  • Measurement of the impact and optimization of resources in the fulfillment of the mission.