VSTPRO Simulator Through VirTra’s VST-PRO Simulator, e-Tech Simulation simulated the experience in a polygon, with a capacity of up to 6 lines of fire. It also allows the development of practices in scenarios and different training environments. It is the only simulator in the market that has a ballistic certification issued by Lockheed Martin, which verifies that the simulator has a ballistic precision of .08 thousand with fully accurate ballistics.


  • The simulator allows practice in polygons of multiple indoor and outdoor environments, day and night.
  • The simulator allows the use of 4 different weapons in each scenario and firing lane
  • Change of climate such as rain, wind, snow, among other elements that affect the success of the shot.
  • The simulator allows practice in polygons of multiple indoor and outdoor environments, day and night
  • One-year warranty with 24/7 technical support service.




The videos and scenarios of the simulators generate a realism and immersion through an incredible audio and multiple screens. This helps students to train in contact, alert and threat evaluation situations. We also have a unique software to create scenarios, the VirTra V-Author. This tool allows the creation and edition of custom scenarios using panoramic images already included in the software or additional specific images, with their respective characteristics.


We use real weapons without cables, utilizing a wireless recoil system that allows personnel to move freely as in the real world. These kits save money, and at the same time provide a higher level of security than with real ammunition. The recoil kits allow training with lethal long and short-range weapons as well as non-lethal weapons.


Similarly, in our simulators hostile human forces will respond to fire and the operator will feel a small electrical impulse or vibration when under threat. Through a patented, clip-on compact device that produce and electrical that is adjustable and not harmful. This helps the student to train under different levels of stress and develop the skills to rejoin once he has been impacted in combat.