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e-Tech´s RTG Crane Simulator is an essential tool used to simulate the manipulation of containers inside a port terminal. Our simulator recreates a real life crane with wheels allowing the movement of load from one side to another in a horizontal path.


The simulator recreates all the real life difficulties associated to the containers movement, adding the possibility of moving the crane through the streets inside the port, where the trainee must pay attention to the existing truck traffic inside the terminal.It´s possible to change the crane´s parameters in order to recreate different types of cranes as well as their technical features.


  • Startup and stop sequence
  • Load, unload and movement of the containers from and to the truck
  • Operatons with angle, movement of the spreader, trim, skew and side shift
  • Control of the coupling and uncoupling of the containers through the use of twistlocks
  • Operations with 20ft and 40ft containers
  • Parameters and information for the trainee and the instructor on the simulator screen
  • Information display with the crane status info and operation instructions