e-Tech simulation offers different types of maritime simulators involved in different processes inside a ship. Our simulators allow training in diverse areas in order to train qualified and certified personnel.

When using our simulators, the trainee will practice with equipment that incorporates the same features of the real machines, with the possibility of changing the weather conditions among other factors. The simulators allow to train in regular conditions as well as under emergency ones.


The Full Mission Simulator is designed, built and installed in accordance with the requirements of STCW 2010 and have been fully certified by DNV for installation to the standards required for Class A, B and C simulators.  Full mission installations are equipped with a full complement of navigation aids and bridge equipment including RADAR/ARPA, ECDIS, GMDSS, conning station, docking station, steering systems and the entire suite of navigational equipment. These simulators are available in a range of scales and sizes to suit specific requirements.


The Engine Room Simulator is based on a real system and is a useful tool for learning the basic concepts and operation as well as the STWC Training standards, navigation, operation and safety protocols. The simulator can be used to conduct the IMO Model courses 2.07 and 7.04. It can also be used to demonstrate STCW 2010 competency requirements with 2012 amendments.


The Tug Simulator is an excellent tool both for expert and new operators. It improves their driving abilities as well as their maneuvering and knowledge of safety protocol standards. These simulators have been designed in accordance with IMO resolutions and fully comply with STCW 2010 standards.


Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator simulates the real time process flow control systems used in the storage and transfer of potentially hazardous bulk liquids or cryogenically stored LPG & LNG cargoes from shore to ship and vice versa, and is capable of being used for training over the full range of situations from routine operations to emergencies with catastrophic potential.
It´s a scalable solution starting with a single PC instructor-less solution and ranging up to full mission solutions comprising cargo control consoles, instructor station(s), mimic pipeline panels and more.


The GMDSS Simulator offers a complete solution for multi-level GMDSS training. It´s a cost effective and user friendly complete simulation solution suitable for the training of navigators and personnel at various levels.  The system has the capabilities and functionality to successfully conduct GMDSS GOC Courses as per the IMO Model Course 1.25.   It fully complies with IMO resolution A.703 (17) as well as the latest STCW code recommendations. It can be installed as a standalone simulator, in a multi station classroom installation or may be completely integrated with our bridge simulators to simulate communications and distress signaling equipment in an actual operating bridge.