e-Tech´s Bulldozer Simulator place the operator in control of a medium-sized bulldozer in a typical construction site. Our simulator incorporates different 3D graphic resources, sounds and movements based on physics laws, to simulate a real Bulldozer in a typical construction site.

The Key Performance Indicators measure how quickly and how carefully the simulated work is performed including execution time, collisions, and criteria related to how well a trench is backfilled or excavated, among others.


The Bulldozer simulator incorporates different simulation modules designed to address each of the technical abilities needed to operate a real Bulldozer. The Simulation Modules are of increasing difficulty, starting with Controls Familiarization up to Positioning, Boulder Control, Slot Dozing, and finally Spreading.

We simulate different kinds of situations in order to address the training needs of a wide variety of customers using different operational practices.


7 Training Modules of Increasing Difficulty

  • Controls Familiarization
  • Bulldozer Positioning
  • Boulder Control
  • Backfilling 1
  • Backfilling 2
  • Slot Dozing
  • Spreading