Ee-Tech´s Electric Rope Shovel Simulator places the operator in control of an electric rope shovel at a typical mine site interacting with a simulated Mining Truck as well.

The simulator includes different situations and training levels according to our customers´ needs.


The Electric Rope Shovel incorporates different simulation modules design to address each of the technical abilities associated to the operation of a real machine.

The initial modules help the trainee learn the basic movements and operations of the shovel, the following modules simulate more difficult tasks such as digging, loading and unloading.


8 Training Simulation Modules of Increasing Difficulty

  • Controls Familiarization
  • Shovel Positioning
  • Following Grade
  • Single – Pass Digging
  • Cab – side Dumping
  • Blind – side Dumping
  • Cab -side Loading
  • Blind -side Loading