Our simulator includes different production parameters and risk situations, so the operator is able to visualize and understand the environment variables in order improve his performance.

Simulation training allows the operator to understand the machine´s controls and operation while giving him the confidence to use the real machine. The simulator allows the instructor to create different training profiles, where he can setup training levels according to the operator´s rank.


The simulator has 8 training modules, which include both theoretical and practical training ones. The operator will face different type of exercises and situations where he will learn all the theory related to the machine operation, security and safety protocol and efficient operation inside the working site. This will allow the trainee improve his motor skills.

At the end of each theoretical module the trainee must complete different questions that change randomly.


  • Theoretical:

The objective of these modules is to improve the machine knowledge, which will help the operator develop technical and operative skills.

  • Practical:

These modules are focused on improving the trainee operation through exercises in different working sites, reducing the number of collisions, as well as developing his motor skills when driving. These will allow the trainee to become more efficient when using a real Low Profile Truck.