Simulation CloudLabs


Sim Spray produces a realistic experience in which students learn what should be the proper position of the body, angles, and velocity of the maneuvers to create the ideal coating in each piece. When combining the use of the simulator with professional instruction and the ability to continuously repeat the exercises free of costs, students become more competent painters in a shorter period of time.


Training Costs

Students learn to paint without consuming any material, thus reducing the costs associated with supplies and cleaning parts. The student learns to choose the quantity and the material necessary for his work without spending more than necessary.

Training Time

Students can use the time they previously spent in the preparation of the piece and materials in the practice of more exercises.


The Paintometer screen calculated the total time recorded in the system such as, time painting, applied/wasted paint, level of coating, number of painted parts, and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions. This function helps training programs in calculating return on investment.

Ecological Technology

The simulator offers an ecological training environment and makes a positive contribution to the efforts to build ecological training programs. By eliminating VOCs, the use of energy and the negative impact on natural resources is reduced.