In the development of education, every new technology and media emerged with a revolution of education mode, such as the emergence of paper, printing technology, broadcast and television technology, computer and network technology. Undoubtedly, when computer technology and virtual realization is combined with education, a great leap would take place in the field of education.


Feature of Simulation Training

  • Combination of computer technology, virtual realization, computer simulation technology and petroleum engineering.
  • Mathematical model to simulate parameters in petroleum engineering production and operation, such as pressure, torque, speed, etc.
  • Simulation of various accidents, improving trainees’ ability of judging and treating accidents, which cannot be realized by real equipment.
  • Lifelike environment constructed by virtual realization; technology, enabling trainees to feel personally on the scene.
  • Low input and maintenance cost.
  • No security risk.

System Functions and Features

  • Flexible setup of drilling parameters, such as drill stem structure, bore frame, mud property, etc.
  • Event-driven. Simulating various operations in drilling process.
  • Accidents pre-set. Several accidents treatment in one operation.
  • Equipment malfunction at any time, such as drawworks fault, rig fault, BOP fault, etc. enhancing users’ recognition of equipment malfunction.


Rich training content

  • Normal drilling, tripping, well-control and well killing
  • Operations and judgment& treatment of drilling accidents.

Lifelike operating environment and atmosphere

  • Full-size real object, controllable 3D synchronic animation, sound, light and sound alarm and voice prompt.

Targeted training projects

  • Parameters of geology environment, drilling equipment, bore frame, drilling column, drilling fluid, etc.

Perfect scoring system and record management

  • Automatic assessing and scoring, student record managing.

Flexible system structure

  • Distributed system structure, highly reliable special industrial computers working with high stability and reliability, easy to expand and maintain.