Simulation CloudLabs


The simulator accurately recreates a real-life Drill Rig, including all the movements and operations such as ground drilling, remove the soil from the auger, mast tilt from side to side, as well as forward and backwards, collisions with other objects inside the working site and driving through the working site.


The exercises are designed based on a progressive learning system in order to guide the trainee up from the basic operations up to the more complex ones.

The virtual environment includes different features that allow the trainee to practice operations such as mast handling, driving the drill rig, drilling, movements though the working site and beams handling among others.


The simulator has different exercises such as:

  • Basic drilling
  • Drilling with casing movement
  • Continuos Flight Auger Displacement
  • Kelly displacement
  • Beam manipulation
  • Casing Rasing and lowering
  • Multiple drilling and casing placement
  • Move the casing
  • Remove the casing