Simulation CloudLabs


Our simulators allow training in different types of military vehicles either for military or police use. It recreates all the real features including the movement and vibration, with either manual or mechanical changes depending on the customer´s requirement. It also includes exercises in different types of roads with a variety of weather conditions such as rain, fog, sunshine and snow, as well as different moments of the day like morning, noon, dusk or night. It includes specialized military or police training scenarios.

If the customer requires we can include a special shift gear learning software that develops outstanding skills in driving and input costs.


Our interactive modules include training and evaluation capabilities, with Microsoft Access data base interface and reports of each trainees´ practice. Likewise, this software includes the option of developing geo virtual environments typical of different vehicles.

The simulator comes with an instructor station which includes instructive modules that range from the basic up to the most advanced operations, it also allows the instructor to create and modify training scenarios as well as adding other vehicles and control them in order to create unexpected situations. Each practice is recorded for future review with the trainee.


Simulation Modules

  • Adverse driving with reduced visibility, road pavement and speed control
  • Detect in advance density traffic density, Courtesy to other drivers, communication skills
  • Peatones y presencia de animales; control de la velocidad
  • Pedestrians and animals, Speed control
  • Road pavement and driving abilities
  • Driving in an area under construction